1. Just had a convo w/ my 9yo about our preferred way to go under anesthesia

    File that shit under “things a kid should NOT have a firsthand opinion of”

    Actually. File it under, “Adults shouldn’t have familiarity with this shit either….”

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  2. Slammin’ OxyContin in order to hang curtain rods

    Not even gettin’ a buzz. Da pain is real.

    And then I see namastebandar kickin’ ass after major surgery….and remember what’s real. Going to hug my kids now.

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  3. 14 hours of sleep?

    Totally shocked. Then wife reminded me of how crazy this week was. Kid in Emergency Room. Fallout from that. Tradeshow. Lack of sleep. Major change in our oldest’s routine. 5 hours of C-level interviews. Kayaking for hours.

    Oh yeah. Guess I needed to sleep.

    Don’t forget. Sometimes you get more done by taking some time off and recharging.

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  4. Been a while since that has happened…

    kayaking today. Hit the Elkhorn Slough, but a little later than our last trip. Fog was still hanging around.

    Geared up. Wife went open-deck tandem. I grabbed a closed deck. Were paddling with another couple and their kids. A few folks on SUPs made me just a little jealous.

    We had forgotten that it’s Labor Day which means a BUSY time on the Slough.

    under the freeway the tide was def rolling in, and we cold feel the wind at our backs. Good, casual paddle. We didn’t pay for the guided tour, but a couple miles in we came across a floating docent. A NOAA employee who gave us a really cool lecture on the slough and it’s wildlife. The girls loved it. As we were rafted up and listening I was watching. We were making great progress up the slough, but we weren’t paddling. Hello wind.

    Paddled up a bit more. I took a side channel for fun. Remember.I’m paddling an 18’ long boat with an 8 year old. Serpentine channels are all about me maneuvering that beast. Nope, the channel did not make it back to the open water. Luckily there was a wide enough spot to turn around the kayak. Otherwise I’d have been paddling backwards for a long stretch.

    Back in the slough we caught up to wife’s boat and attached it to ours. Time to tow. Spent the next couple hours helping pull them home against the wind. That’s a lot of work. Hugged the coast to hide from the wind in some spots which made lie easier.

    Back under the bridge we disconnected and brought it in. Hit a restaurant for lunch and then split our ways.

    Drive home was really tough. Traffic was great, but my body was not happy. Both knees were screaming. Shoulders were jacked. Hip was firing.

    Got home. Wife said, “get upstairs. get some pain meds. get some sleep.:

    Many years ago after long (6-8 hour) bike rides I would come home and nap for a couple of hours, bug I haven’t done that for a long time.

    Today I passed out. 4pm to 8pm of solid sleep.

    I guess I was shattered, but will I sleep tonight?

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  5. C-suite interviews today

    They said, “We want to move quickly.”

    I said, “I need to meet your VP S/W, VP H/W, head of chip design, Dr of driver development, and the marketing guys too.”

    Fuck it. If I ain’t a fit I want to know BEFOREHAND. Too many times learning that the hard way. Do I want the job? Who knows. I sure don’t.

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  6. not-a-runner:



    if my husband doesnt tear up when im walking down the aisle im turning the fuck around 

    my husband definitely will because he’s gonna have to put up with me for the rest of his life and that’s enough to make anybody cry


    Well, if your “husband” sees you walking down the aisle then he might just tear up considering that you DO NOT HAVE A HUSBAND when you are walking “down” the aisle…..

    just doin’ the math.

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  7. So my friends, don’t cry because its over. Smile because it happened!
    – Jens Voigt on retirement from 33 years of cycling, 17 as a professional. He defines Beastmode.

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  8. Substituting caffeine for calories today

    not smart but whatever.

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  9. bigbluejoe:

Sometimes I love my gym. #crossfit #postwod #beer

Was just there for a corporate gig. Love Back in Black with  a passion!


    Sometimes I love my gym. #crossfit #postwod #beer

    Was just there for a corporate gig. Love Back in Black with a passion!

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