1. Salary Negotiations

    Hate negotiating salaries… Always feel like I’m leaving $$’s on the table. Not sure that I even want this gig, so I asked pretty high.

    Nary even a murmur in reply.

    Damn! Should have shot even higher.

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  2. PT no happy with me

    Cruised into PT today on one crutch which is hella easier to manage than 2 crutches.

    PT looked up and shook his head. Not pleased.

    1 - I was using crutch on the wrong side
    2 - I’m supposed to be exerting no more than 20#’s on my injured leg

    That’s close enough to 10kg for you non-Ameticans…..

    He broke out an analog scale (What? No body fat measurement? No Bluetooth connection to my FitBit and iPhone 6+?) and had me step on it. Let me tell ya. 20 pounds is NOTHING!!!

    Then he lectured me about letting surgically repaired surfaces heal.

    PT is just like CrossFit. I pay good money to be abused.

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  3. TFW someone claims superior fitness

    and then posts their workout…. Really bro? You worked up to to a set of 5x225# deadlifts?

    Congratulations amigo. When do you actually start lifting?

    I’d never be a wiseass to someone who is genuinely trying, but when you are 20 years younger, lift much less than I do, and lipoff it means you are genuine…a genuine jackass.

    and I run a shitload faster too.

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  4. No pain meds tiday

    and walking on only one crutch.

    Might be overdoing it but am feeling pretty good.

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  5. PT status

    Same PT as my shoulder surgery rehab. “How were you feeling before
    surgery? Oh! (Reading surgeon’s report) 50 loose bodies in your hip? I
    bet you were hurting.”

    Doing well but it ways aches to get poked and torqued.

    Learned I can still do pull-ups and upper body. Good news, but think
    I’ll wait at least a week post-procedure to get back. Rest and heal. A
    little downtime.

    Good to know I can get back at it when time is right.

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  6. PT starts tomorrow

    Just wish sleep would start today…

    In that danger zone. Things hurt but nowhere near as bad as they could. Yes, I should count my blessings, but I’m worried about overdoing it.

    It has happened. If it don’t hurt why not push harder?

    Talking to myself here.

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  7. swoleinvelvet:

    When I think of myself, 23 years old is old.

    When I think of others, 23 years old is young.

    Shit… Can it even remember then

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  8. Up and Down

    Usual recovery day. Finally slept last night. Woke up at 10am feeling
    alive. Semi-showered (can’t fully shower for 2 weeks) and felt CLEAN!

    Then cycled downward. Sore, upset stomach. Happens but it unnerved my
    wife to see such a swing.

    Now more than ever is the time to eat right. Grains cause inflammation
    that propogates through the body, but junk food sings it’s
    anti-depressant - all will be better - song.

    Recovery is a cycle. Good thing - today was better than yesterday.

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