1. namastebandar replied to your post: Tax Day freebies

    Did you see the one about a freebie for massage beds sesh they have at places like golds?!

    I did not see that. At least that one is good for you. The rest of these….. not so much.

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  2. Tax Day freebies

    got this from HR….

    Funny that the McDonald’s is the healthiest option on the list. Thanks Human Resources!!!

    Although I guess paper shredding from Office Depot is the 2nd healthiest thing.

    1. McDonald’s. Free Small Coffee

    McDonald’s is offering a free small coffee during breakfast hours today! No coupon is required.

    1. Arby’s. Free Snack-Sized Curly Fries

    All Arby’s locations nationwide are giving out free snack-sized curly fries today! Print this coupon

    1. Boston Market. “Tax Day Deal Chicken Meal”

    This deal gives you two meals, each with half of a rotisserie chicken, two sides and cornbread for $10.40 (more than $6 off the normal price). No coupon is required.

    1. Bruegger’s Bagels. Big Bagel Bundles

    Customers can get a bag of 13 bagels and two tubs of cream cheese in various flavors for $10.40 (about $3.50 cheaper than usual prices). No coupon is required.

    1. Office Depot. Free Paper Shredding

    Office Depot will shred up to 5 pounds of paper for free today! Print this coupon

    1. Pinkberry. Half Off Froyo

    From now until April 20, customers can bring in proof of a previous purchase from the day before and get half-off an equivalent froyo.

    1. Cinnabon. Free Cinnabon Bites

    Stop by between 6pm to 8pm for two free Cinnabon bites at participating locations. No coupon is required. 

    1. Sonic Drive-In. Happy Hour All Day

    Head in today for half off all slushes and drinks.

    1. Great American Cookies. Free Cookie

    Head into your local Great American Cookies location where they will be offering free chocolate chip cookies today!

    1. Schlotsky’s. Free Original Sandwich

    Customers will enjoy a free original sandwich with a purchase of 32oz fountain drink and chips. No coupon is required.

    1. Chili’s. Free Appetizer or Kid’s Meal

    Purchase an adult entrée and get a free appetizer or kid’s meal today only. No coupon is required.

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  3. I am not comfortable with the Lasic idea experimental or otherwise. I’m too nearsighted for it anyway. But yeah, what exactly are croakies? I’m unfamiliar with the term.

    Are croakies a west coast thing? They are a simple neoprene eyeglass keeper. Been around forever. Def not stylish, but they keep glasses in place.

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  4. Croakies… not a fashion statement..

    My eyes are pretty messed up. So much so that I’m envious of near-sighted and far-sighted people. Astigmatism means I can’t see well either up close or far away. Due to some funky curvature thing with the surface of my eyes I only qualify for an “experimental” LASIC procedure.

    Yeah. My thoughts exactly. “Experimental" and "eyes" are not words that go together. Ever.

    First 18 months of crossfit I didn’t wear glasses at CrossFit. Do you need to see in order to do a heavy clean? Technically no, but, it turns out, yes.

    A couple of months ago I picked up a really stylish pair of black croakies and put them on my old glasses. Believe it or not, my workouts improved My current pair look good but don’t stay on during anything harder than sitting still at my desk. Vision is so key to our lives that I forget just how out of sorts I feel without my glasses.

    This morning I forgot to swap for my workout glasses. No worries, I hit the WOD semi-blind, and I felt completely weird. I think I was weaker too. That makes no logical sense, but since when is lifting all about logic? I’m sure that my knee pain and jacked up hip didn’t exactly help, but my sense of center was way the hell off.

    Croakies…. at least I’m not wearing a pocket protector…

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  5. Morning WOD and Octopus Tentacles

    dragging tail this morning. I’d like to blame it on the assortment of deserts that I brought home from a party on Saturday and disposed of last night (red velvet cake, boysenberry pie, cheesecake), but it may just be that I’m tired.

    Heavy cleans and push jerks (3x5 each) followed by

    1,000m row
    4 rounds [10 toes-to-bar, 10 dumbbell push press]

    Oddly flat today. It happens. Key is to keep working. Good days are to be treasured.

    Taking tomorrow off from work to hang out with squid, cuttlefish and octopi at the aquarium because… family.


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  6. 3 bills at Costco yesterday

    And yes cashier and helper dude I LIKE BACON!!!

    That’s why I’m buying 3 of the 4 pound packs. Because bacon

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  7. Back Squats - what doesn’t kill me.

    5x5 back squats at 90%. Hell no to a 2nd workout today. Hip was nasty this morning especially under load. Sleeping on the ground did not help, but whatevah.

    Prescribed WOD was (and I’m not kidding):
    3 position snatch
    heavy back squats
    heavy push presses

    Not “pick one” but supposedly all three. Programming this month is totally sketchy. There is not enough time in 1 hour to warm up, work technique for multiple movements, then build intelligently to heavy workloads for those movements.

    So coach told the folks in class to “pick one.” Then he tossed an 8 minute Seeing Jesus at them while I loaded up some prowlers.

    Loading prowlers for someone else? Priceless.

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  8. Is anyone else camping in the backyard on a work night?

    or just me?

    Kids’ spring break. We roasted hot dogs and ‘smores.

    Squats at 6am are gonna hurt, but…. Dad.

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