1. Pause back squats and then Bringing Sally Up

    Sets of 2 back squat, 3 second pause at the bottom. Really highlights just how badly I lean forward. Gotta work on that.

    isn’t that song OVER by now? Sally with back squats. Nasty.

    Then I did my homework - double unders followed by a few sets of butterfly pullups.

    Masters Games starts TOMORROW!!! 1 monitor for work. 1 monitor for the Games. As it should be

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  2. Cure for many things….

    Cure for many things….

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  3. Froning and Hobart take on Frantasyland….

    Solo. Damn! He’s like a metronome on the thrusters. Steady, controlled, precise.

    For time:
    21-15-9 reps of:
       95-lb. thrusters
    15-12-9 reps of:
       115-lb. thrusters
       Chest-to-bar pull-ups
    12-9-6 reps of:
       135-lb. thrusters
       Bar muscle-ups

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  4. CrossFit Games Tourism season….

    Contagiously fun guy at the box came up to me yesterday noted that I hadn’t been in the box all week,

    Sam: “Bro, it was horrible. We did Nate yesterday.”

    Me: “Why horrible? That’s a wheelhouse WOD for you.”

    Sam: “I know, but these totally yoked Norwegian dudes dropped in. They are touring California and hitting up the Games. Full sleeve tats. Total monsters, so I had to beat them you know? I really had to work for it.”

    Can’t help it. I love this shit.

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  5. Date night. Dinner, margaritas and a new dishwasher

    because, guys, nothing will get you laid like buying a new dishwasher….

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  6. Kids are folding laundry

    appreciate the effort.

    But my OCD and ex-Navy self is shaking uncontrollably. MUST….NOT….CORRECT…..EVERYTHING….

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  7. everyrepcounts replied to your post “Got my butterfly back!”

    Was it on vacation?

    Yes. My butterfly was on vacation - the bastard….

    Had it then I lost it after my shoulder surgery. Seminar at the box taught me to do them even better than before. Stoked!!!!

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  8. Absolute TOUGHEST part of CrossFit?

    weekly food prep

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  9. Taste testing for November. Nothing worse than getting #backcountry and finding out your food sucks. #backpack #freezedried

    Taste testing for November. Nothing worse than getting #backcountry and finding out your food sucks. #backpack #freezedried

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