1. Got the job….

    time for new things. Same company, new challenges. Much brighter horizon

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  2. Smile to yourself if the first thing you do when seeing a picture with a barbell…. is calculate the weight they are lifting.
    – everyone I know

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  3. Why?

    so few people ask this important question.


    Why are we scheduling this meeting?

    Why are we lifting these weights?

    Why are our 2 companies investing time on this project?

    Take 5 minutes, go through every project you are working on (personal and professional) and see if you can answer “Why?” for each one. Yep, just 5 minutes. This is not to create the “why” - it’s to see if you know why….

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  4. What!? You could easily do numbers 3-10 with your daughters. After all, I’m a daughter myself and have done nearly all of these things (including many days of catch in the yard). Especially number 10 — that’s sad. Why couldn’t they be your friends?

    That’s kinda the point…. We have already done 3-9, well 3-10 if you exclude the “have a beer together” part. For some reason, society frowns on giving a 7 year old a beer.

    Occasionally I hear, “Oh, you can’t do that because you have girls.”

    Newsflash: We can do anything we damned well please - and we do.

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  5. 10 Things I cannot do with my kids… because I have daughters.

    1. Get peed on by a penis while changing a diaper.

    2. Say, “Hi son, how did you sleep?” without causing confusion.

    3. Play baseball, catch, or wiffle ball.

    4. Play football in the backyard.

    5. Sit on the couch watching Justice League cartoons or MMA fights. 

    6. Wear ratty jeans and dig in the dirt.

    7. Go camping.

    8. Go for long runs and long bike rides.

    9. Play with toy cars, toy planes, toy trains.

    10. Raise someone I can consider my friend and one day have a beer with.

    Not being able to do any of these things with my kids, because they are girls, depresses me greatly.

    adapted from: this post

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  6. 2nd Rx #jumprope in the house. #crossfit family

    2nd Rx #jumprope in the house. #crossfit family

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  7. crossfitprincess replied to your post: Somebody is getting a naughty pink jum…

    that is literally the same colors I have!

    crossfitprincess Good thing you are on the opposite coast, or they would be HUGE confusion… ;-)

    That’s the stock photo from Rx website. Handles arriving today are pink, rope is grey.

    Then again, the rope in the pic may actually be grey, but I can’t tell….

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  8. Somebody is getting a naughty pink jump rope today….

    Somebody is getting a naughty pink jump rope today….

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  9. It has only taken 6 years, 9 months, and 21 days, but our house…

    is finally worth more than what we paid for it.

    #winning (slowly)

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  10. Interviews done. Dog tired.

    Purty darn weird to walk the halls of my current company doing interviews. 4ea 1/2 hours turned into 4ea full hours and then some. So tired.

    Waiting on Southwest to drag my carcass home.

    Can’t wait to swear my ass off in the gym tomorrow.

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