1. Half full? Half empty?

    co-worker asked about competing, so I showed them the quick vid of kettlebell snatches. Of course I then launched into why it was bad:

    • I’m looking down the whole time
    • I’m not bending my knees
    • I’m not getting full extension
    • my arms are scrawny……

    He looked at me like I was from Mars.

    "How much weight is that?"
    "It’s only 35 pounds."

    "Seriously. Are you mocking me? You’re throwing 35#’s overhead like it’s nothing, and you aren’t happy about it? I don’t understand you."

    Oh yeah…

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  2. How many of you were throwing elbows with Khalipa during your warmup 400m run today?
    – dude was crowding me.

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  3. Dinner

    3 egg omelet, cheese, half an avocado, huge pile of that good ‘ole grassfed angus taco meat.

    Delish with a touch of spicy

    (because I added a touch to much of that sweet Dixon chile powder to the homemade taco seasoning)

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  4. Sandbaggin’ it

    Box was doing an overhead squat double AMRAP, but I needed to do a buy-in baseline WOD for this summer food challenge thing we are doing.

    KBS (24kg)

    Before you ask - NO IT WAS NOT 21EA 400M RUNS!!! Nothing would thrill me more than running 5 1/4 miles between burpees and kettlebells, but I don’t think anyone else would have enjoyed it.

    So, if it’s a “baseline” WOD that suggests that we will do it again at the end of this thing (Sep 13th) and people with the most improvement get the most points for their team. That would also suggest that if one were to perhaps sandbag this WOD a bit it would make room for bigger improvement at a later date.

    I wouldn’t think that way, but you must not e as honorable as I am since you clearly were thinking that way.

    So I asked my coach (and team leader) if I should sandbag it. She said, “it’s not a bad idea…. maybe 85% or so?”

    No problem. I felt sluggish as hell anyway. Sometimes a run feels like you are pulling legs of concrete. Finished the first round in 4:11. Finished the 2nd round in 8’something. Final time: 11:06.

    WODding solo ain’t no fun for this kid.

    That you would even think of gaming the system is very disappointing to me.

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  5. Is anyone else reading ETSI white papers on NFV today or just me?
    – dubstep and tech docs…. it’s a party over here

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  6. Anonymous said: I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! I love the thick sass and sarcasm as well as the awesome WODs you do! It's awesome to see fellow CrossFitters keeping things light and not getting caught up in the politics of the gym or non-CF opinion of CrossFit. Keep it up!

    Thanks! It’s good to know there are folks of a similar mindset out there.

    This stuff is supposed to be fun. Even when it sucks….. 

    though I initially read “thick sass” as “thick ass” and wondered if maybe you were commenting on the wrong blog. ;-)

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  7. Molokini Crater snorkeling, December 2011. Oldest was 7, very afraid to start with. This pic is just when she ditched her life vest and said, “I’m ready to do this ON MY OWN!”

    Molokini Crater snorkeling, December 2011. Oldest was 7, very afraid to start with. This pic is just when she ditched her life vest and said, “I’m ready to do this ON MY OWN!”

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  8. Paleo? well, sorta. Zone? not at all, but ____

    No plans to go full Zone or anything like that, but I’ve been noticing a few telltale signs over the past few years that I have cleaned up my diet. First off a definition.

    Paleo: a brand name for a diet that focuses on eating quality meats and vegetables, avoiding grains and processed foods. It has nothing to do with what cavemen ate even though folks like to think so.

    I’m sorry - are you arguing that eating quality foods is a bad idea? OK, glad we got that behind us.

    Had chicken and steak and sweet potatoes and some bacon in the fridge at work yesterday, but I didn’t feel like eating the protein. Instead I consumed 2 huge sweet potatoes with butter and what little bacon I had left. They were delicious.

    Then I crashed.


    Felt like I’d eaten a couple of candy bars. Massive carb crash shortly afterwards. Dragged my ass around until evening when I finally grilled up that massive burger with avocado.

    Wasn’t the first time. Was more like the 1,000th time….. Food balance as well as quality… I should get on that.

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  9. Random thoughts on competing

    had a total blast last weekend. Coach(es) were really stoked that A) I had been able to compete before getting cut open again and B) had brought a box-mate along on the team. They wanted to know what I had learned.

    1. I suck at many things and have a lot of room to improve
    2. Endurance background is a huge asset

    Endurance is a huge hindrance too (because the emphasis is low body weight aerobic capacity not strength), but, mentally speaking, the ability to dig in for hours on end is critical. The other thing that endurance offers is  mental stability. When you are 3 hours into a 70 mile/8 hour mountain bike ride and you shred a tire getting utterly pissed off and massively frustrated is completely useless. Your only legitimate choice is to accept the situation and figure out what to do next.

    Suck it up Buttercup. Whatever happened 2 seconds ago, no matter how frustrating, has no bearing whatsoever on where you are RIGHT NOW!

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